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The Leinster Leader 9 November 1901

The Late Dr. Darby, Monasterevan

The news of the death of Dr. Martin Darby, J P, which took place at his residence Moore Street, Monasterevan, will be received throughout Kildare and in many adjoining counties with deepest feelings of regret. Dr. Darby, who had been but a fortnight ill, passed peacefully away shortly after 7 o’clock on Monday evening last. During his illness and even to the day prior to his death great hopes of his recovery were entertained and it was even thought that he would be able to leave his bed for a short time on Sunday. But such was not to be. On Sunday between 11 and 12 o’clock he changed for the worse and never rallied. During his illness which first took the form heart disease and afterwards developed into hemiplegia, he was attended by Sir Christopher Nixon (Dublin) and Dr. Joseph Daly, Monasterevan. The sad news of his death spread rapidly through the town. The people were stunned by the intelligence that one of the more respected gentlemen, and a medical practitioner of invaluable worth, who had been amongst them for upwards of thirty-five years had passed to his long rest, and on every side could be heard expressions indicative of genuine sorrow. The deceased gentleman by his kindly manner enkindled for himself amongst patients as well as friends an undying friendship and esteem. In the performance of his duties as medical practitioner he was untiring and unselfish. Neither the inclemency of the weather nor the over strain of work prevented him from responding with alacrity to duty’s call! To the poor and needy, by whom he was idolized, he was ever ready to listen and extend help in their troubles. By the humble classes his loss is most sorely felt. Deceased though, not prominent recently in politics – was a convinced Nationalist. To any worthy public or private object, he was ever ready to give a liberal support. As a Justice of the Peace for the past nine years, he was most impartial, his keen sense of justice having won for him the highest esteem of his colleagues on the bench who invariably displayed a readiness to accept as well as consult his judgement. Dr. Darby was an archaeologist of no mean ability and wrote several interesting articles on the antiquities of Monasterevan. These bore testimony of diligent and discriminating research.

Doctor Darby who was aged about 68 years, was a native of Geradline near Athy. Having qualified with honors about the year 1865, he was in 1867 elected as Dispensary Medical Officer to the Monasterevan district.

On Tuesday evening at 7 o’clock the remains enclosed in a beautiful coffin of polished oak were removed to the Parish Church. Amongst those who formed the cortege were Rev. J. J. Donovan, C. C.; J. Kennedy, a solicitor; Dr. J. Daly, Dr. Reddington, J. O’Connor, J. Bell, W. O’Neil, D. Ricks, P.. Boland, D McDermott, P. McCabe, P. Hughes, W.. Delaney, W Shuckins, D. Coghlan, L. Finlay, M. Kelly, W. Kelly, Edward Kennedy, P. Reilly, S. Vanston, J. McCabe, etc.

At the church the cortege was met by Rev. Fr. Maher and after the coffin had been placed on the catafalque; the De Profondes and other prayers were recited by the Rev. Fr. Donovan and Maher. A number of beautiful wreaths were placed on the coffin.

On Wednesday morning at 11 o’clock Office and Requiem Mass were offered. The Rev. J.. J Donovan, C. C., was colorant; Rev. J. Maher, C. C., deacon; Rev. G. Gowing, Tinryland, sub deacon; Rev. J, Delaney, C. C.; Kildare, was master of ceremonies. The priests in the choir were Very Rev. E. Kavanagh, P P., V. F., Monasterevan; Very Rev. G.. Bourke, P. P., Clonbullogue, Very Rev. W. Ransbott, P. P., Suncroft; Very Rev. J. Mooney, P. P., Graiguenamanagh; Very Rev. T. Kelly, P. P., Emo; Rev. J. O’Reily, O. C.. Portarlington; Rev. W Bolger, C. C., Mountmellick; Rev. O. Horan, C. C., Emo; Rev. Thos Dowling, C.. C, Emo; Rev. J. Cullen, Adm. Carlow. During the chanting of the Office and the celebration of High Mass the church was filled with sorrowing friends. Immediately afterwards the funeral took place to a family burial ground at Killenarde, Queen’s County. The chief mourners were Mrs. Darby, Miss Rita and Leo Darby (daughters); Mr. J. Darby (Nephew), Kilcullen; Mr. H. Darby (cousin); Dr. Reddington (Dublin); Mr. J. Quille (Dublin); Mr. Tobin Darby (nephew), Kilcullen; Mr. James Behan (first cousin) Ballysax; Mr Patrick Dungan (first cousin), Newbridge. Amongst those present or sent cards were Dr. J. Daly; Monasterevan; Dr. J. O’Neill; Athy; Rev. Bros. Achilles Bunberry, O. S. S.P. French Collage, Blackrock; Dr. T. Rice, Portarlington; Messrs E. Dease, D. L., J. P. Roan; J. Delaney, M. P. Maryboro’; E. More O’Ferrall, Kildangan; T. Waters, Rev. S. Smithwick, A. Harvey, M. Brooks, More Abbey; S. J. Malone, J.. P; the Christian Brothers Bros. Ryan and Keogan, P. F. Daly, solicitor, O. Bannon, C. C., Lea; J. Dunne, J. P., Rathbride; Peter Conlan, Oghill; N. Conlan; J. P., Pollardstown; W. H. Cobbe, Ballykilline; Ralph Bowen, Brownstown; A. Darby, D.C., Shean; J. Waters, D. C., Kilcullen; E. Fonlon, Kilgowing; T. J. Dillion, auctioneer, Kilcullen; D. Brennan, T. Darby, Kilcullen; J. Dunne, Curragh; J. Behan, P. Morrin, J. McEvoy, P. Caffery, Mountmellick, J. Dunne, Portarlington; T. Sheehan, J. O’Connor, Inland Revenue; J. Fay, Hybla; T. Talbot, Richardstown; E. Kavanagh, E. Boland, Jamestown; P. Kenna, D. O., Oghill; M. and A. Dowling, Clogheen; W. Donnolly, Brackna; K. Hannigan, Ballyvarney; A. O’Conner, Jamestown; J. Cullen, O. Rolohan, M. Moore, J. and Ameos Corry, P. Scully, T. Scully, P. Duffy, Mountrice; D. Coghlan, W. O’Neill, senr, J. Bell (senr), P. McCabe, J. Troy, T. Connelly, James O’Neill, John Bourke, J. Holrues, H. Storey, Post Office; P. Hughes, P. Tyrrell, Arthur Rooney, J. Waldron, J. Moran, P. Timmons, J. Kelly, D. Ricks, W O’Neill (junr), J Bell (junr), S. Vanston, P. Connor, J. Ennis, James O’Connell, M. O’Neill, F Rutchinson, Wm Kelly, J. O’Kelly, J. Lalor, J. O’Connell, R. Sloane, Thos Lawlor, Michael Kelly, A. Malone, A. Kavanagh, J. Carroll, J. Cronin, P. Kilroy, I. Finlay, J.. Holmes, J Brennan, P. Culbert, J. Whittaker, W. Lawlor, J. Dunne, P. Harrison, Kill; J. Brehan, P. Murray, T. Caffery, Jas Somers, Oghill; J. Cullen, J. and M. Bryne, M. Corry, Ballykelly; Ed Fitzpatrick, J. Loughman, J. T. Heffernan, Kildare; A. Malone, Yewtree; J. Fitzpatrick, Larea; P. Donoher, G. Connell, T. Brennan, D. Ward, C. Murphy, J. Dempsey, R. Harrison, Chas Fennell, O. Fennell, Inchacolley; J. Stynes, D. Fitzpatrick, Ashgrove; J. Mullhall, E. Kavanagh, D. Moran, M. Flood, E. Bolland; Ballybrittis; J. Walshe, P. Conlan, P. Kenna, D O; J. Kenna, Cloneygath; E. Shortal, M. Connell, D. C.; M. Bryne, Courtwood; J. Moran, John Kelly, Peter Kelly, M. Bryne, P. Reilly, P. Brien, Clogheen; E. Nolan, O. Hethorington, Jamestown; etc. On arrival at the burial ground the prayers were recited by Very Rev. Fr. Kavanagh, P. P., V.. F. and Rev. J. J. Donovan, C.C.. Wreaths were sent by the family, E. Dease, D. L.; The Fr. Prendergast Memorial Committee, Mrs. Dowling, Cross Keys; T. Sheehan, Inland Revenue; M. Bell, M. Kennedy, Mrs. Whoble and Miss Cassidy.

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