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August 2004 Newsletter


Hello Everybody, Hope you all had a wonderful day on July 8th. On that day Minister Tim O’Malley (T.D.) officially opened the building. It was great to see so many in attendance. The weather even “behaved” itself also, which allowed people to move in and out of the building in comfort. The food was beautiful and was served in a gazebo attached to the Clubhouse. Summer holidays are in full swing at present. Hope everything is working well for you all. We had a very interesting and enjoyable day trip to County West Meath on July 8th.

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5 Years Celebrations

Wednesday-day before:

The preparations got to fever pitch, two long pipes were shortened-the hard way with a hacksaw and a few of us had a go at making them a respectable white. Mary's invention of black plastic bags on a roll held to the ground against the wind worked well-the stones being borrowed from the flowerbeds. Despite my best efforts a small streak of paint ended up on my sandals. It was hammerite paint and we had the wrong thinner!!.

On the day all were greeted by two flags at the front door, one the Irish flag and the other with the platinum logo which of course looked well on pristine white flagpoles!. The gazebo was a good size and as the wind had abated the day was perfect for our semi al fresco `party``.

The V.I.P.s arrived on time and as I was slightly late having to escort a friend-long promised after the last postponement, it was good to get the full atmosphere-lovely flower arrangements and of course the extra signs and mission statements looking at their best.

There was already a crowd in the hall and a few wise people had taken up a vantage point in sight of the food tables outside. Minister Tim O` Malley minister for health and children was ready to go. Margaret Webb was very smartly dressed in a trouser suit. She was the compeer for the ceremony and was very professional.

Linda and Pierce looked very glam and very nervous but rose to the occasion as if they were very used to speaking! Carmel looked very pretty in pink and a very presentable liason and appeared well in the photos particularly as the minister unveiled the plaque to remember the occasion. Needless to say Mary looked blooming on the day, still working hard and smiling-where does she get the energy? Eileen had a smart suit and glam as ever. All spoke well and the P.A. system worked well. The minister was cautious not to commit to rights based legislation re:the disability other than that did loosen up as did Martin Rogan ( who managed quite a few smiles. I Introduced myself to the minister who did not seem impressed, but Margaret Webb kindly stepped in to say I was a great artist ! My friend Mary had a good day too. Rickey ex. Harrison's restaurant and all helpers did a great job on the catering there being very tasty sandwiches and lovely hot eats and even very succulent deserts, tea, coffee, cranberry and orange juices topped it off very well. The professional photos have already arrived and are a presentable memory of the day that was in it.

All deserve full marks for all the enthusiasm and hard work especially after the first false alarm (the previous cancellation).

Well done all!”

Tip: Cure carpet indentations by placing an ice-cube on the worn down bit .By leaving the ice-cube in the indentation, the carpet fibres are moistened but not soaked.


Morning Prayer

God of my life, I welcome this new day.
It is your gift to me— the first day of the rest of my life.
I thank you for the gift of being alive this morning.
I thank you for the sleep which has refreshed me.
I thank you for the chance to begin life all over again.
Lord ,this day is full of promise and of opportunity:
Help me to waste none of it.
This day is full of mystery and of the unknown:
Help me to face it without fear or anxiety.
This day is full of beauty and adventure
Help me to be fully alive to it all.
During the day, may I become
a more thoughtful person,
a more prayerful person,
a more generous and kindly person.
Help me not to be turned in on myself
But to be sensitive and helpful to others.
Let me do nothing today that will hurt anyone.
But let me help at least a little, to make life more pleasant for those I meet.
When night comes, may I look back on this day without regrets;
And may nobody be unhappy because of anything I have done
Or anything I have failed to do.
Lord, bless this day for me,
And for all of us.

PD Course

We have now had 3 sessions in the Personal Development course. In the first session we introduced ourselves to the Tutor. We also wrote about a postcard and described what it meant to us.

In the second session we drew a picture of a lorry but my one did not look anything like a lorry.

We then spoke about the characteristics of a good listener. They would have consideration for the other person’s feelings. If you have a problem and want someone to listen to you should have someone who is trustworthy and discreet if you are on the phone at the other end of the line

I feel that this course will improve my communication skills immensely.


Benefits of eating more fresh fruit and vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables are locally available, great quality, taste delicious, are versatile and easy to use, and are excellent value for money.

It is recommended by leading health and nutrition experts that we should eat four or more fruit and vegetables portions each day as a rich and natural source of vitamins A,C,E and fibre. As a result, eating vegetables and fruit is now closely associated with lowering the risk of both cancer and heart disease.

So, in addition to contributing to your well-being and vitality today, increased vegetable and fruit consumption may also help reduce your risk of diet-related diseases in years to come. And, of course, the best healthy eating plan to lose weight is to eat more fruit, vegetables and potatoes in conjunction with reducing for intake.


Alan Carr’s “Easy Way to Stop Smoking”

Penguin, €14.99

Alan Carr’s “Easy Way to Stop Smoking” is arguably the best book on quitting smoking ever published. A bestseller for many years, Carr offers a unique insight into the way smokers think about smoking, and he gives instructions on how you will be happy to become an ex-smoker for the rest of your life. You are allowed to smoke while reading. As you go through the book, you will discover that there is a psychological need to smoke, in addition to the “little monster” of nicotine, which causes the craving.

His gift to you is to dispel the myths about smoking so that the psychological need to smoke is gone by the time you have finished reading the book. He explains how he was smoking one hundred a day before he finally quit. When he did, he decided to devote his life to helping other smokers to quit the habit.

Originally, the conservative medical establishment were very sceptical about his method for quitting. After twenty years of hard work through his books, CD-ROMS, and clinics worldwide, they endorse his approach. Now, his clinics have a ninety per cent success rate.

With the ban on smoking in public places, there has never been a better time to quit If you are a smoker, do yourself a favour and read this book.


Kildare—What Happened

continued from last issue

If he couldn’t work the oracle nobody could. Trials were held, media interest grew, training commenced, I think it was in October that year Kildare started their league campaign with lovely Leitrim in Division 2 of the NFL. A large crowd attended the match, including a big contingent from Leitrim, which surprised me because I thought nobody lived there, anyway Leitrim won the match and the Leitrim supporters went delirious, god bless them. It was like winning the All-Ireland for them. O Dwyer was interviewed after the match and basically he was unconcerned , pointing out that the championship was what it was all about.

As far as I can remember Kildare didn’t lose a league match after that and qualified for the knock out stages of the league and moved to division 1 status. Things were picking up, the quarter final match was held in Croke Park complete with its ancient and half falling down stands in April of that year against none other than Kerry which happened too include among its ranks none other than Pat Spillane eight times All Ireland medallist and one of the best players to grace the game but sadly again then age had caught up with him and was a parody of what he once was. Kildare wound up winning the match and were to face Donegal in the semis. For a place in the final for the first time since the late sixties.

In the match against Donegal Kildare started badly and by half time trailed considerably. In the second half things improved and a fight back was on the cards slowly but surely the deficit closed but to me Kildare looked laboured in scoring (more about that later). Late on in the match Kildare equalised and before the ref blew the final whistle Kildare scored the winning point I think by somebody named Dara McKevitt.

The league final that year was to be held in May against none other than Dublin, the old enemy. Something like sixty thousand people turned up that day, there was white flags for Kildare and a sea of blue for Dublin. Early on in the game Dublin scored a lucky goal, I’m not sure who scored it , maybe Vinnie Murphy or Dessie Farrell memory fails me on that one but anyway after that Kildare owned a lot of leather but at the final whistle lost by 2 points.

Next up was the Championship itself and an away game against Louth in Drogheda. Kildare were red hot favourites to win this game and I remember travelling to this game and from what I can remember about the place there were no stands. At that time Louth possessed a lethal forward by the name of Stephen White . During the game itself things went well for Kildare and with about 15 minutes remaining held an eight point advantage it really looked like mission accomplished but as everyone knows its not over till its over as Kildare were to rudely find out. Louth launched a fight back. Point followed point without reply for Louth. I remember a Kildare back making a handling error pounced upon a goal for Louth. They were now in front by 2 points with time running out frantically a substitution was made for Kildare one Jarlath Gilroy , Kildare gain possession a high ball is launched in the direction of the Louth goal, Gilroy wins the leather, the keeper to beat, seconds later the ball is in the net. Kildare lead by a point time almost up

From the restart Louth won possession I think now its gone into injury time they work the ball close to the Kildare goal I think it was white that gained the ball . Goal for Louth O ]Dwyer looks on numb, I look on numb Kildare's following look on numb. How much time will the referee add on , nails are bitten, Kildare win the ball in the middle of the field and charge forward close to the Louth goal mouth maybe about twenty yards out. The Kildare player in possession is fouled. Free in to Kildare in the dying seconds. They need a goal, up steps one Paul Mc Loughlin from what I could see I think the referee has a word with the Kildare player with the ball. To my mind surely he is saying this is the last act of the game. He must try for a goal, what does he do kick the ball over the bar. The referee blows the final whistle, game over. Ambushed in Drogheda final score Kildare 2-10 Louth 2-11.



August Socials

31st July                 Saturday Social Trip to Dublin Shopping

27th August            Employment Dinner Hazel Hotel Monasterevin

If you are interested in any of the above socials please ring the Clubhouse at least two days in advance.

Get Well Wishes to: All our members who are unwell.

Birthday Wishes to: Eamonn, Gerry, James, Stephen, Cathy, Nuala, Annette, Bernard, David, Mary, Michael, Martyn, Marguerite, Robert, Tim.

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