Platinum Clubhouse Newbridge, Co.Kildare, Ireland.
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About Platinum Clubhouse

Platinum clubhouse was the first clubhouse to be established in Ireland, opening in Newbridge in July 1999 under the auspices of Eastern Vocational Enterprises Limited (E.V.E.Ltd).

Platinum Clubhouse offers the Work Ordered Day which is based on the strengths and talents of each member. Apart from work Platinum Clubhouse is a place
  • Where you are welcome
  • Where you feel comfortable
  • Where you meet friends
  • And where you are missed if you do not come in.


The Clubhouse is normally open from Monday to Friday during the normal business hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


A very important element of Clubhouse is the morning meeting at 9:30 a.m. where members get the opportunity to decide in which area they wish to work for that day. Members are also encouraged to become involved in making decisions which affect Platinum Clubhouse.

Once a week there is a house meeting to discuss how we are getting on and any issues that anyone wishes to be discussed. To include your topic, just write it on the board outside the coffee dock.

Meetings held are: policy, house, standards and employment & education


Out of work hours, at weekends the Clubhouse is open for people to meet up with friends and relax or become involved in more structured social activities. Members and the social committee are involved in choosing and organising outings and social activities in the local community.


Out reach is a system where members who have not attended for a while and who may have become isolated in the community or have been re-admitted to hospital are contacted by phone or sent our designed cards to let them know they are missed at Platinum Clubhouse. Members of the Clubhouse do this outreaching of other members.

RULES OF THE HOUSE REGARDING: times, ringing in etc.

The rules of the house or policies are decided jointly by members and staff. Some samples are included but there are other rules.

  • Members must be in contact before 10:00 am. if they require a lunch. Either be in the Clubhouse or ring in to put your name in the pot.

  • The telephone is available for Clubhouse business, to contact your medical team or in search of further education or employment. Otherwise we must remember that all of us are responsible for the bill.

Platinum Clubhouse is made up of various work units including the following:

[The Kitchen and Dining Unit] [The Administration Unit]
[Employment/Education Unit] [Community Unit