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February 2004 Newsletter


Welcome Everyone to our February edition of the Newsletter.

Hope you all enjoy the articles we have in this month’s Newsletter. Spring has arrived and so has St.Brigid’s day. St.Brigid is the patron Saint of Co. Kildare

. Love will be in the air when St.Valentines Day arrives on the 14th of February.

Hopefully most of us will be lucky on Valentine’s day!! HA!! HA!!

Everyone would like to congratulate and send warm wishes to Cathy & Tom on the arrival of their baby son Oisin.

See you all next month

. Stephen and Margaret

If anyone has any articles or comments they would like to submit please e-mail them to us at:

Poetry Corner


.On this special day, I pray,
You will be my Valentine,
United together, find a way,
To be lovers for all time,
Your Angel eyes reveals it all,
Of the person special to me, My want for you in my call,
My love for you forever be.

Live well girl I say to you,
Love will always find a way,
Your world is so very true,
You will share many a sunny day,
A feminine way of you so divine,
Shines right through your personality,
My dear, please be my Valentine,
For you, mean all the world to me.




Valentines Day is coming very soon,
I don’t know what to do,will I jump over the moon?
When your are gone, your still at my side,
When you say you love me, I go high as a kite!!!

Valentine’s Day is drawing near,
I won’t go out because of the beer,
I’d probably get drunk and get into a fight,
You don’t like that neither do I,
So Darling will,you be my bride???

Stephen D

Memphis Sept. 2003

Having been an Elvis fan since 1976 it has always been an ambition of mine to visit Memphis, the City where He spent His adult life. It was a long haul to get there , many hours in flight and waiting around Airports. The food on the flight was nauseous but we finally touched down in Memphis Airport at 5.30 central time. Our Hotel was situated about 18 miles from the City centre and unlike European ones had no in House bar or restaurant.

The weather in Memphis was just superb, brilliant sunshine every Day and warm pleasant nights. Memphis is home to 1,700,000 souls and from what I saw, 75% of them are black. Memphis is very spread out and there is shop after shop on either side of the many highways stretching for miles. There was a Bus stop directly outside the hotel and Buses ran on the hour and for $1.20 took You 18 miles to the City centre.

The Buses have air conditioning but that apart, are very uncomfortable to travel in. The Streets and avenues in Memphis run straight, so it almost impossible to lose your way.


The Festival of Dreams.

As we approach the month of March, Racing fans hearts start to beat a bit faster as the Cheltenham Festival draws near. It is my belief that Irish Winners this year will be very few. Best Mate is set fair to become the first horse since the great Arkle to win three Cheltenham Gold Cups, only a fall, or an injury can stop this great horse from adding his name to the history books.

For us punters I suggest a few bob each way on Kings Cliff. The Champion Hurdle is wide open. Defending Champion, Rooster Booster, will turn up on the day, but I believe he will find it very hard to hang on to his crown. Flame Creek is my idea of the winner, but a few bob each way on Spirit Leader, may yield a profit for you.

Other value bets at this great festival of Racing are, Moscow Flyer in the Queen Mother Champion Hurdle, The Real Bandit in the Sun Alliance Chase, Leading jockey at the meeting may be Michael Fitzgerald, and Leading Trainer may be Paul Nichols. For value for money I suggest you back Marinstown in the Bumper, and Paul Maloney to ride a winner at the meeting.






The year 1995 seen Celine Dion releasing her new French album called D’EUX. This was the biggest selling French album of all time. It sold over 5 million copies throughout the globe. There were 2 number one singles on this album, POUR QUE TU M’AIMES ENCORE and JE SAIS PAS
One year passed by when Celine released her fifth English album. It is called FALLING INTO YOU. This album was number one across the world. It remained on the BILLBOARD charts for over 25 weeks.
My favourite songs on this album are ALL BY MYSELF, DECLARATION OF LOVE and RIVER DEEP, MOUNTAIN HIGH (originally recorded by Ike & Tina Turner.)

Celine’s next album LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE was the biggest selling album that she had ever released. It sold over an incredibly amazing 27 million copies worldwide. On this particular album, Celine had the chance to work and sing with some of the world’s greatest singers and songwriters. These included artists such as Carole King, The Bee Gees, Barbara Streisand and Luciano Pavarotti.

The song called MY HEART WILL GO ON was Celine’s biggest selling single ever, reaching number one on the charts for over nine weeks. To Be Continued… Join me in the next issue of the Newsletter for part 6. Stephen

When the undertaker comes around
wonder of who’s dead hits the countryside
another corpse to the graveyard bound
in a deep hole long and wide.

He wears his black suit and collar neat
the wisest man of all all the mourners fondly him greet and hope it’s not them next call
The hearse is driven quietly around
to the church with prayers to say as it passes, there is not a sound
while poor old George is buried today.

The Mass is said, the Gospel read
for the deceased - not long gone the congregation prayers are said
been the Good Lords cherished
To the graveside people walk behind
the hearse driven slow but sure another corpse the undertaker to bind
with wreaths and flowers around so pure.

Ah but one is buried and who’s next is going on in his mind
the bold undertaker surely blest will more money in his pocket find.
He will greet all with mannerly ways as he walks along the neighbours
greet remember those near the end of your days the undertaker you cannot defeat.

He is shrewd, cunning and a well-dressed man
with a suit as black as coal you better live as best you can or you will be buried in a six-foot hole.

More flowers, conversation of grief abide the undertaker hears it all laps all the chatter inside wondering who is next to call.

You could say he is a messenger the angels by his side what are all the prayers for within his mind abide.

The undertaker is a good sincere man money paid for a service done a job he does as best he can and it’s not all that much fun.

Everyman for his own skill it’s true to say for all the undertaker tops the bill with another soul in his call


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