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November 2003 Newsletter


Here we are in November and the weather is now beginning to show us what time of year it really is. Considering how mild and dry the weather has been we almost forgot what season we were in. The trees were late in turning their beautiful autumn colours but now we can expect the wet cold weather we are used to. The positive side to the cold spells in winter is that the bugs which are responsible for our colds and flus can get killed off by the frost.

Happy Thanksgiving on 27th to our American Friends and cheerio for now as we are going to be busy getting ready for our Christmas Celebrations. These will kick off with our mulled wine morning in early December.

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Until next time

Platinum Clubhouse

Congratulations to one of our members, Siobhan who won first prize at the Dublin Exhibition of the Lundbeck Art Initiative which was held at the Office of Public Works in St. Stephen’s Green Dublin and ran for one week. Siobhan’s Art piece was called Phoenix and the medium used was Sculpture and Acrylic. There were 100 Artists participating from the Dublin Area and the Greater Dublin Area. A special thanks to Jackie Clarkin from Lundbeck Ireland who sponsored and organised this competition, which was a wonderful success. We all at Platinum Clubhouse wish Siobhan the very best in her Art Career.


Halloween Employment Dinner

Eleven of us gathered in Platinum Clubhouse for the Halloween Employment Dinner. As dinner was served by Breda and Tom, we sat around tables and started eating under dim candlelight. It was a lovely relaxed atmosphere. All who attended enjoyed it immensely. Towards the end of the evening members and staff had a long discussion about Clubhouse and all aspects of Clubhouse life. It was a great success and we look forward to the next one.

Eileen and Cathy M

Poetry Corner


A rock and roll hero was he
with handsome face and unique voice
with charm changed the course of society
a talented man been many ladies choice he
brought romance to all he sang
danced and played with great style
gained many an admiring fan
expressed personality in his lovely smile
a Casanova he was to all the crowd.
Really intriguing in all he done
his singing was so nice, soft or loud
yes he really & truly was such fun
he flashed his fancy gear on stage
a performance of a genuine star
in his time he was all the rage
although deceased his songs still go far
all we have is the memory of this man
a tape or record to relive our dream
as for me he is always my best fan
on a stage where stars forever gleam.


Conference Report

The Irish Association Of Supported Employment Conference 2003, was held on the 16th and 17th of October in Hotel Westport, Co. Mayo.

The Conference was opened by Michael Fleming the chairperson of I.A.S.E. There was an address from the mayor of Westport.
As with last year’s conference there was an emphasis on Mental Health, and how we support people with Mental Health issues in Employment.
Mark Logan gave a very interesting presentation on Mental Health, people's attitudes and how best practise works with people with Mental Health issues. After his presentation I had an opportunity to speak to Mark and he was very interested in the Clubhouse Model and may visit in the future. As usual at the Conference, Work link North West gave a presentation, and gave very healthy fads about how many people with Mental Health problems, once out in work, were very positive about their work and the support they were getting from the Health Board.

There was a presenter from a recruitment firm who agreed that Supported Employment is needed for people with Disabilities as they cannot Job Coach or Support people in their jobs after the initial contact.
The Hotel Westport was a fabulous venue and the Gala was a great success. The Conference while very similar to last year, was valuable for Networking.


Irish Advocacy Network Conference

The Irish Advocacy Network Conference under the Heading Talk Back-Take-Back took place on Oct 13th-15th 2003 at Jackson’s Ballybofey, Co Donegal. Who are they? What do they do?
The Irish Advocacy Networks exists to promote and facilitate Peer Advocacy on an island-wide basis. This is achieved though the provision of Information and Support for Mental Health service issues and/or survivors. It aims to support people in speaking up for themselves, and in achieving empowerment by taking control of their own lives.
The aim of the conference was for people with Mental Health difficulties to explore their needs, and assert their rights in order to control their own paths to recovery and examine the practice of peer-Advocacy Island-Will.
Two members and two staff from Platinum Clubhouse attended. Eileen M and Linda F attended on Mon., Tue. & Wed. and they were joined by Raymond & Eileen D on Tue. evening. After registration, there was a Welcome & Introduction to Paddy McGowan; followed by the official opening by Pat the Cope Gallagher, T D.
Throughout the three days all aspects of Advocacy were discussed by various people who were experts in the relevant fields. There was a ‘Questions to the panel’ were Martin Rogan, Assistant CEO S. W. A. H. B.
Overall it was very enlightening. It was very heartening to see a lot of Mental Health problems are being highlighted and taken on board. The chairman of the Mental Health Commission had a lot to say regarding how the Mental Health System is now at the moment. Though soft spoken, there was a determination and an urgency in everything she said. Things such as ‘the Mental Health System is a second rate system, very much medievalised’ and ‘Day Hospitals are working as a rather low-image, repetitive work shop’.

And he says ‘they simply have to go’. An attendance to the revolving door was discussed-expectation to recovery. A key to its elimination. It is important that Mental Health people are valued for their strengths rather than their weakness. Focus on Mental Health rather than Mental Illness. Education, personal development and the building of self-esteem are most important. It was even suggested that the word ‘Mental’ should be banned.
Of course, it was not ‘all work & no play’. On Tuesday night there was a Gala Dinner. Together with the members and staff of Phoenix & Suaimhneas Clubhouses, and our General Manager –Margaret Webb, we enjoyed a lovely four course meal with a few beverages thrown in for good measure. Everybody looked really well and were in great spirits (pardon the pun). After the meal there was plenty of dancing to a local band. It was great to see everybody getting on so well. We all let our hair down and there are plenty of photographs to substantiate the evidence. We returned after Wednesdays Conference much more enlightened and encouraged than when we went, and delighted to have had the opportunity to go. A very special word of thanks to our chauffeur Raymond Fenton who was responsible for our safe journey to and from Donegal. Many Thanks Ray.

Eileen D, Eileen M and Linda


Get Well wishes to: All our members who are unwell.

Birthday Wishes to: Garry, Robert, Declan, Margaret O'B, Kevin O'D, Daniel, Margaret P, Alan R, Simon, Dara.

Welcome to our new members: Annette

Q: What goes into the water pink and
comes out blue.
A: A swimmer on a cold day.
Mother-Jimmy you have lost a tooth.
Jimmy –No I have not, it’s in my pocket
Husband-Why are you driving with a
bucket of water on the passengers seat.
Wife-So I can dip my headlights.
Q: How did the man tell the weather with a piece of string?
A: He hung it up and he knew if it moved it was windy and if it got wet he knew it was raining.
Doctor-You need glasses.
Patient-How did you know.
Doctor –I could see it as soon as you
walked through the glass window.
Q: Why is grass dangerous?
A: Because it is full of blades.
Q: When is an operation funny?
A: When it leaves a patient in stitches
Q: Why did the brilliant scientist disconnect his door-bell?
A: To win the NO-BELL prize.
Q: How do people dress in mid January?
A: Very quickly.
Q: What’s grey and squirts jam at you?
A: A mouse eating a doughnut.
Q: Why did the flea fail his exam?
A: Because he was not up to scratch
Q: Why did the cat want to be a nurse
A: She thought she would make a good first–aid kit.
Q: Why are false teeth like stars?
A: Because they come out at night.
Q: What did one hare say to the other?
A: Nothing-Hare’s cant talk.
Are you and your husband not talking
asked a friend. No we are not. I was really annoyed last night.
Because I wanted to ask him something.
Mary and her husband were celebrating their golden anniversary. They had stood the years well, now she was a little deaf . When everyone had gone, he said, Mary I am proud of you, to which she replied, that’s all right love, I am also tired of you.
Q: What did the big chimney say to the
little chimney?
A: Nothing –Chimneys can’t talk
Q: Why is adding six and seven like a lame dog?
A: Because they both put down three and carry one.
Q What has fifty heads but no hair?
A: A box of matches
Q What washes up on a small beach?
A: Micro waves.
Q What training do you need to be a litter collector?
A: None- you just pick it up as you go along.
Q What's another name for a telephone booth?
A: A chatterbox.
Q When is a green book not a green book?
A: When it is read.
Barry- My wife has a very bad memory.
Harry-Very forgetful.
Barry-No she remembers everything.
Customer-‘Two soggy eggs on burnt toast please?
Café Owner-‘Sorry we don’t serve that. Customer-‘Well you did yesterday.
Q What kind of apple is not an apple?
A: A pineapple.
Q What do you call a building with a lot of storeys?
A: A Library.
Q What did the boy squirrel say to the girl squirrel?
A: I’m nuts about you.
Q What begins with ‘T’ Ends with ‘T’ and
has ‘T’ in it?
A: A Teapot
Q What has teeth but cant eat?
A: A comb.


The views, opinions and beliefs expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily the views of Platinum Clubhouse.
Any articles, items or pictures in this newsletter may only be reproduced following permission from Platinum Clubhouse.

Eileen D. Patricia, Philip, Des, Tom, Carmel, Michael

Editorial Team:
Tom, Cathy, Caroline, Stephen D

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