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August 2003 Newsletter


Hello there everyone, Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful Heat Wave, At last we are getting a great Summer So don’t Forget Your Sunscreen. We have our new Social Calendar Drawn up so Don’t forget to call us and check on the times and dates. We look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible in the Clubhouse.

Congratulations to Siobhan and Brendan on the occasion of their recent marriage. We wish them lots of love and happiness for the Future.

Also from the Employment Unit, We would like to congratulate Tony on the success of his new employment position. WELL DONE !!!!!!!

If anyone has any articles or comments they would like to submit please e-mail them to us at:

Bog Oak Trip To Rathangan

On Friday 1st of August 03, a group of 4 from Platinum Clubhouse went to Cappanargid, just outside Rathangan. We were there to view pieces of bog-oak for the Clubhouse. We were searching, scraping and choosing the bog-oak. Eventually, we found a piece that looked very nice and very unusual. I picked out the piece and we all agreed that the piece would suit the Clubhouse down to the ground. The name of the gentleman responsible for the artwork is the artist Brian O’Loughlin. He was explaining everything to us about the bog-oak. It was interesting and it was also very educational.

The artwork will be displayed on the wall of the staircase at the end of August or the beginning of September 03. The reason for this delay is because Brian O’Loughlin is very busy. The bog-oak is about 8-10foot high. The cost of the bog-oak is: I won’t mention, when you see it, you guess.

Poetry Corner

Platinum Clubhouse members are
With a great future ahead
To exercise all of our capabilities
Where many dreams are said
A place to spend the day
Sharing a common course along
With guidance show the way
And nothing can go wrong.

To get involved and be useful
In a place that is good for you
Then your world will not be so dull
And your troubles be less too
To create an interest in your mind
Would have each person keeping well
This Clubhouse is of the kind
It has many a story to tell

United together we get along
To keep a service in place
To do something, nothing wrong
Doing nothing such a disgrace
Each member to contribute something
No matter what big or small
A stepping stone it will bring
To all outside jobs in call

A place to socialise and have fun
And really enjoy your day
With company your heart be won
Where each member has their say
A group of members united as one
To a workforce as a team
So if a change of life you long
This Clubhouse is all you need.


Fire Safety

I thought I was fire safety conscious, judge for yourself! My mobile plug left in will overheat. My dishwasher plug was permanently left in—it shouldn’t be. All plugs to be taken out when not in use computer pugs, TV, Stereo, Radio, Kettle etc.
My Fire Extinguisher was kept in the greenhouse, of course it shouldn’t be. I have now tested it and it resides in the kitchen. I have 3 smoke alarms in a bungalow—not bad, but not good either.
I need a Fire Blanket for the kitchen and will be getting one soon.

Eileen M.

Maintenance Unit

Well an up to date on this unit as to what is happening. Mary & Caroline have not done their test in this area yet as their appears to be a slight problem getting these two ladies with a drill in their hand, but they were given lessons!
Ray, John and Pierce have gone into some kind of a whirl wind at the moment, they are gone crazy in the maintenance area.
  • Springs have been put on the main door and patio doors.
  • Computers have been relocated.
  • Dry stores have got new shelving and plug sockets filled.
  • Beauty Room has seen new shelves installed and mirror.
  • General office has taken on a new look .
  • Computer sockets have been fitted.
  • Plants have been potted.
  • Members Certs have been framed and hung up.
  • Maintenance Unit has had new shelving and crook fitted.
  • Recycling boxes have been installed in all units

    John, Pierce & Ray have also been very busy down town pricing & buying needed material.

Employment Unit

The employment unit is very busy considering the time of year. Two members have increased their working hours up to the maximum amount of hours. Another member has been offered an extra morning to work in the week. Well done to all three members. Tony commenced a T/E job mid July. He is doing very well in same and is delighted to be back working in the community again. Carmel is very busy job developing with various employers. She is also studying hard at the moment for her exams in Management. We all at Platinum wish her success in them.
Eileen, Patricia, & Michael are into their fifth week of there computer course. Well done to all three and we look forward to them getting their Certs. Michael is also awaiting the results of his Cert Course which are due out any day now. Members and staff enjoyed an Employment Dinner at Johnston Inn on 25/7/03.

My Experience As A Special Olympic Volunteer

It all began at one of our lions Club Meetings in Kilcullen last October. We had a visit from Nicola Kennedy, F.A.O.I. Who explained about the Healthy Athlete programme at the 2003 Special Olympic World Games, gave us some application forms and said she would be grateful for any Volunteers. There was a need for 30,000 of them. I made up my mind there and then to become one of that 30,000, so I decided to give it my best shot. I took a form, filled it out and from then on things started to happen. For my sins I said I would do every day, nine in total. Let me explain a little about the Healthy Athlete Programme. In order to successful participate in the Games, all athletes must tale care of their health and well being so as to improve in their ability to train and compete in their sport. Through this programme athletes have access to a range of health care professionals who screen and educate them on a variety of health and well being topics.
These came under 6 headings:
  1. Openings Eyes Programme—to have their eyes tested and receive glasses if required.
  2. Special Signals Programme— to have a full dental examinations and receive mouth guards required.
  3. Fun Fitness Programme— to have a fitness assessment from a team of physiotherapists.
  4. Healthy Hearing Programme- to have their hearing tested by a team of audiologists.
  5. Heart Promotion Programme– to learn about a variety of health topics including; nutrition, sun-safety and anti-smoking messages.
  6. Fit Feet Programme– to learn about foot health.

    Before I knew it my volunteer No. VMS193 arrived in the post, followed by a request to attend an Induction Session at the Arts Block, Trinity College in January. The volunteers came streaming through in their droves, but what was most amazing were the organisational skills of those in charge. The sense of excitement was great but nothing to the experience when I went to the Point Depot, in Feb for the General Orientation. The atmosphere was electric that day. We got officially Christened Team 2003. The D.J. was the affable Ian Dempsey who really got the crowd going. Everything was explained to us by various Olympic Personnel including Rita Lawlor, World Games Board Member and former athlete. Rita’s book “Moving On” sold like Hot Cakes! Anne Hickey (Carlow) Regional Messenger for World Games had plenty to say, also. Mary Black who was a guest, sang the song she had dedicated to the Team 2003 called “Wildest Dreams”. I could go on and on about that day, it was amazing.

    Next on the agenda was a specific Training Session for Healthy Athlete Opening Eyes. (that was what I was assigned to) in the Green Isle Hotel on Sunday 25th May. This was a more serious down-to-business occasion, except for the MC Martin King (TV3 Weather fame) Can anybody imagine Martin King being very serious? By this stage the organisers had their homework done and we were allocated our various jobs. That day also we collected our uniforms but not before there had been a modelling sessions done by the afore mentioned Martin King. The modelling took the same kind of format as his giving of the weather forecast—Hilarious. Last but not least we had to attend the RDS where we were given a final training session and a Venue Walk through. It was all coming together now and there was such a great anticipation of the coming events. To be continued …...



Get Well wishes to: All our members who are unwell.

Birthday Wishes to: Eamonn M, Gerry, James, Stephen W, Cathy, Nuala, Annette, Bernard, David, Mary H, Michael B, Martyn, Marguerite, Robert C, & Tim.

Leinster Final-Baptism Of Fire

July 20th 2003 was a sun-kissed day in Croke Park, conditions were ripe for a cracking game of football. The two teams on view didn’t disappoint, it was cut and thrust from the word go. A new look Kildare Team from the one managed by Mick O’Dwyer was on show. Many were making their Leinster Final Debut, along with seasoned campaigners such as Brian Lacey and Glenn Ryan. Kildare suffered a major blow with injuries to both Dermot Earley, and Anthony Rainbow before a ball was even kicked.

The whistle happy referee did Kildare another disservice by sending off our midfielder Alan Barry after the first three minutes. This gave the initiative to Laois who raced into a five point lead after fifteen minutes. Kildare showed great character to cut this lead down to two points at half time. However on the restart Laois shocked Kildare again by Goaled in the first minute. This gave Kildare a mountain to climb down a man and down six points a hiding looked on the cards. Despite this fact Kildare showed a bottomless well.
Courage dug deep against all the odds, kept chipping away at Laois’s lead and levelled the match with a penalty taken by Ronan Sweeney with ten minutes left.

During the course of the game Kildare won enough leather to win two football games with Killian Brennan lording it in the middle of the field. However the wasteful Kildare forwards shot Seventeen wides over the seventy minutes points were exchanged at either end and with Normal time almost up! Laois led Kildare by one point, Kildare then raced down the field and were fowled on the 21 yard line, Paddy Murray lined up the shot breathed deeply and struck the ball seconds seemed like hours as the ball sailed through the air only to hit the post. Kildare had missed a chance to equalise which gave Laois the initiative once again. The referee let it be known that 3 minutes would be added at the end of the game, during this period Laois kicked over 3 points without reply and surely that was that. And So It Was !!!!!!!
Except Kildare made one final lunge at the Laois Goal only for Paddy Murray’s blistering shot just whistled by the upright after that the referee blew the final whistle. If Kerry or any of the other teams show the tenacity and sheer maleness that Kildare showed on the day the Sam Maguire would surely be theirs. Roll On Summer 2004.


The views, opinions and beliefs expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily the views of Platinum Clubhouse.

Paddy, Eileen, Breda, Eileen D.

Editorial Team:
Anna, Breda, Tom, Caroline.

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