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May 2003 Newsletter


Hello Everybody. Welcome to the May edition of Clubhouse Newsletter. Hope all enjoy the summer months, anyone going away on holidays good luck and have a ball!!
Welcome to Caroline and Eileen into the Employment Unit. Hope everybody enjoys the long evenings and sunshine (hopefully) of the summer . We hope you all enjoy our recipe’s, Poems and articles..

If anyone has any articles or comments they would like to submit please e-mail them to us at:

Attention All Get Ready For The Bealtaine Festival 2003

From the 1st to 5th May the Bealtaine Festival gets under way, with fun and games for all the family. The festivities start on Thursday 1st May with theatre at the Riverbank in Newbridge and music in the Red House Hotel.
The Opening ceremony commences at 8pm on Friday 2nd may with the wonderful and bright street parade assisted by many local schools and community groups to mark the beginning of Summer. Also there will be street artists, Comedy at the Riverbank with Kevin Mc Aleer. A singer song writer night follows on Friday night.
Other points of interests will be a Holistic Workshop, Walk the Art Trail, 5 a side soccer. Eat on the street. Book Fare. Story Tellers. KYS Film and Jerry Fish and the Mudbeg club. Benefit for Mongolian Buddhist School. A tale trail takes place on Sun 4th May, this will be a guided tour walk around some of the more interesting features landmarks of our town.
The highlight especially for the younger members is the Picnic on the Strand which takes place on Sunday also at 2pm. A fun day out for all the family. Bring food and family and we’ll bring the entertainment with live music, novelty races and entertainers ,it’s a day not to be missed. GET there early for a good spot and hope for Sunshine and a Dry Day.
The Youth Festival Workshop are on Monday 4th this will no doubt follow its huge success from last year. Bealtaine is delighted to be working with the Special Olympics and the Schools to produce the banners to be hung for both events.

For more information contact:
Terry Moore 045-448312 Chairperson, Sorcha Heavey 086-3584826

Poetry Corner


I remember when life was so grey,
Doing the same old things, day after day,
Walking the streets for a millionth time,
Oh surely God, could this be a pantomime
Seeing the same old faces,
Seeing the same old feet,
All clustered together, (The people I meet)
The same old couple on the street I met,
Doing the same old things, I’ll never forget.

I remember when life was so dark,
The neighbour’s dog began to bark,
The bark of the dog was somewhat strange,
Oh surely God, could he have the mange,
The head of brown, body of black,
A streak of white on his back,
The collar he wears, with studs all around,
If he were lost, he’d still be found.

I remember when life was so dull,
Inside of me was empty and not at all full,
I was acting the same way as if I were 9 or 10,
Oh surely God, am I living my life again,
Climbing the ladder and down the slide,
It’s you I want by my side,
My life is now full and at it’s peak,
It’s you I want to cherish and speak.


Catering News

Recipe Of the Month

Recipe For Profiteroles

Deliciously crispy small choux buns, filled with lightly whipped cream and topped with a rich, velvety smooth chocolate sauce Just heavenly. No-one will be able to resist this special dessert.

3 1/2 oz / 90g unsalted butter
5 oz /150g plain flour
Pinch of salt.
4 Eggs, beaten, size 3
1/2 pint/300 ml whipping cream


8 oz/225g plain chocolate
3 oz/75g unsalted butter
4 tbsp milk

Preheat oven to Gas 6. 400°f 200°c
Melt the butter in a small pan with 1/2 pint/300 ml water
Bring to the boil, then remove from heat and add all the flour and salt
Beat with a wooden spoon until all the flour has been incorporated and the mixture forms a ball in the centre of the pan
Cool slightly, then gradually add the eggs a little at a time,
beating well between each addition.
Place the mixture in a piping bag fitted with a 1 1/2 in/4 cm plain piping nozzle, and pipe about 16-20 small buns on to a dampened baking sheet– leave a little space between each bun to allow for expansion.
Bake on the shelf above centre of oven for 15-20 minutes or until well risen and golden brown. Remove from the oven and, with a sharp knife, make a small slit in the side of each bun.
Return from the oven for 3-5 minutes to allow the buns to dry out. Transfer to a wire cooling rack and leave until cold. Whip the cream until thick, then Place in a piping bag fitted with the small plain nozzle, and fill each bun with the cream.
Place on the serving dish, to form a pyramid. Break the chocolate into small pieces, place in a bowl with the butter, and melt over a pan of gently simmering water. Stir with a wooden spoon until smooth, glossy and free from lumps. Remove the bowl from the pan and gradually beat in the milk. Continue to beat in the milk. Continue to beat until the chocolate sauce is completely smooth and glossy.

Pour attractively over the choux buns and serve immediately.

Formula One News

Well the Formula 1 season starts in the month of March and the reason its starts on a Friday is because there is different rules with the slowest cars going first and the fast cars going last. I am going for Rubens Barracello because of the way he drove last season. My favourite driver Michael Schumacher is a brilliant driver but I have a feeling that Rubens will win the Formula 1 this season and the danger I think will be McClaren because they were better in testing then Ferrari so it’s between Ferrari and McClaren. Last season the top 6 in each got points, but this season the points are available for the first 8 places. There are some new drivers this season Justin Wilson who is 6ft 3 inches and Minardi had to make the car bigger, but he deserves to be in the car because he won the F3000 last season. Another new driver is Ralf Firman who is driving for Jordan. There is no Eddie Irvine this season, as he didn’t get a drive with anyone. So it happens in Australia on Sunday its on 2 30 in the morning, but don’t worry because its being replayed on Sunday at 1 30 in the afternoon. So its game on let the engine roar, because it’s a long season
My prediction for the F 1 season is first: Rubens Barracello, second: Michael Schumacher and 3rd choice would have to be: Kimi Raikkinon. So go a head Michael make Andrew’s season and leave the minnows behind.


Employment and Education Unit

We had a large attendance at our Employment Dinner which was held on Friday 30th April The Dinner was held in the Clubhouse and thanks to all who helped to cook and serve the meal. Our next Employment Dinner will be held on 30/04/03.

Good luck to Patsy and David who will be sitting on the Interview Board for staff at Coolock Clubhouse. We would like to send a speedy recovery to Garry. Welcome Caroline and Eileen to our Employment Unit. Your experience and expertise will be a welcome asset to the unit. Hope you enjoy . To all members who are working, keep up the good work.

Patsy & Anthony were talking. Patsy said he used work on the Curragh racecourse. Anthony then asked him if he knew Gerry. Patsy said he did. Anthony then said “he is a rotten old bags”, and more! Patsy wouldn’t agree.!! Patsy said," there is a man up there that's far worse”, but Anthony wouldn’t know him. “His name is PJ Carroll”.
Anthony burst his sides laughing
He said “Gerry is my uncle”. Patsy said “Well it’s lucky I said nothing bad about him”, but what Anthony had not said is that PJ is his father in law!!!!!!!!!


My Idol: Celine Dion (part 2)

The kiss was from her manager Rene Angelil. Celine was 20 at the time of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988. Celine was in love with Rene since she was 13. Rene was also in love with Celine, the first moment he met her. That was a coincidence. They had to wait for the right time, because Celine was practically a child.

After winning the Eurovision, Celine wanted to make it big in the USA. The only way to do that was to sing in English. But Celine couldn’t speak English. So she went to school to learn English, for 5 days a week for 6 months. In 1990, Celine Dion recorded and released her first English album “UNISON.” The first single to be released was called “ANY OTHER WAY.” My favourite song on that album is “WHERE DOES MY HEART BEAT NOW.” The album was a huge success. It sold an amazing 2 million copies.

TO BE CONTINUED… Join me in the next issue of the Newsletter for part 3.


Get Well wishes to:
All our members who are unwell.

Birthday wishes to: Stephen, Tony, Francis, (Patrick, 50 on 6th May) Pat, Steven.

Welcome to our new members: Liam, Albert and Marion.

The views, opinions and beliefs expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily the views of Platinum Clubhouse. Any articles, items or pictures in this newsletter may only be reproduced following permission from Platinum Clubhouse.

Caroline, Stephen, Andrew, Patricia and Tom.

Editorial Team:
Breda,Anna, Patricia and Stephen.

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