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OAK Partnership is a local development company working in North Offaly and North West Kildare, covering an area from Kilcock and Clane in Co. Kildare to Ballycommon and Geashill in Offaly. The Partnership will promote and co-ordinate local development activities in the area in the period 1996-1999.


OAK websiteThe OAK (Offaly And Kildare) Partnership was formed in September 1995 following a consultation process conducted by Area Development Management (ADM) Ltd.

OAK covers an area in North Offaly and North West Kildare, from Ballycommon and Geashill in Offaly to Kilcock and Clane in Kildare.
The Partnership focusses on disadvantage, equality, inclusiveness, integration, and quality of life.



OAK provides help in the following areas:

  • Community Development
  • Enterprise and Employment
  • Small Farm Advisory Service
  • Youth Initiatives

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