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Arts and Entertainment in County Kildare

Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek with Carly Mc Nulty

An Archive Page StampThis project is based on ideas originating from the Dadaist movement from the beginning of the twentieth century and involving artists such as Marcel Duchamp and Kurt Schwitters. Pupils are encouraged to develop analytical skills in relation to their drawing. Starting with scribbles, new images are developed. The results are emphasized using charcoal and white paint (1.5hrs).

Fabulous Faces with Carly Mc Nulty

This workshop introduces the children to portraiture and the use of simple materials to create art. Pupils are led through a very simple discovery of how their eyes, noses and mouths fit into their heads. Using charcoal and coffee,they engage in a draw and paint exercise, to paint portraits in an expressive, fun way (1.5hrs).

Split Personality with Carly Mc Nulty

Using eclectic portraits of people taken from magazines, pupils manipulate, distort and embel-lish images to create funky mixed media collage (1.5hrs).

Advance prep required by school?

For Split personality workshop, schools are asked to collect magazines.

Mapping with Carly Mc Nulty

Working in pairs, the children create figure outlines of their partner. The images are built up using drawing media to develop imaginary characters (2hrs).

Basic physical requirements?
Access to running water is necessary for all workshops. The Mapping workshop requires a large clear floor space


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