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Pinhole Photography

Pinhole Photography with Máire Davey

An Archive Page Stamp

The workshop will entail the creation of a camera and investigating how a camera operates. The pupils will develop a basic understanding of darkroom processes. They will discover the potential of using a handmade camera - using trial and error with exposures and applying darkroom procedure to develop their own pictures.

Advance prep required by school?

Each pupil will be required to bring a “camera” i.e. a deep shoe box or a sweet/biscuit tin is ideal. It would be preferable to have a large clock in the darkroom for the duration of the project, or each pupil to have a watch.

Basic physical requirements?

A makeshift darkroom will be required e.g. a storage cupboard that no light can leak into. Heavy dark cloth may be required to cover doorway/window to avoid any light leaking through. Dark room should accommodate at least two tables and up to 4 pupils at any one time. Access to a sink close to the darkroom (preferably outside PhotoShop package, photo negatives can be made into positives (not essential).

Materials required?

The artist will supply all specialist materials, however, the school is asked to make available – Black acrylic paint, masking tape, cardboard (cereal boxes), scissors, pencils/paper, sandpaper, compass

Max no of children per session?
How many sessions per day?

Due to darkroom limitations and in order to provide each pupil with a successful print, a maximum no of 15 children per day. If however a large darkroom space is available (to facilitate two sets of processing trays) and a teacher is actively involved, this workshop could accommodate 30 pupils per day

What age group is this workshop suitable for?

5th & 6th class

Kildare County Council