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Arts and Entertainment in County Kildare

Stomping Sculpture Experience

Stomping Sculpture Experience by Colleen Lambe

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Earth is probably still the world’s most common building material. Cob building uses hands and feet to form lumps of earth mixed with sand and straw, a sensory and aesthetic experience similar to sculpting with clay. In this workshop, cob and willow are used to create theme-based sculptures in organic shapes. As cob is weatherproof and durable, the opportunities for very creative sculptures are immense!!

Advance prep required by school?

Clear a large work space, the children should wear old clothing.

Basic physical requirements?
The process of cob requires an area that can be protected with plastic, as it can get quite messy. The area needs to be large enough for the group and their movement. An outdoor area is generally a good idea to place the sculpture/s as the willow can be inserted into the ground for extra support.

Materials required?
The artist will arrange the supply of earth, sand, willow and plastic sheeting. Assistance may be sought to source clay locally. The school is asked to make available A3 paper and drawing tools.

Max no of children per session?

How many sessions per day?

3 x 1.5 hrs

What age group is this workshop suitable for?

3rd class and upwards.

Kildare County Council